Learnist Audience Analysis

How many people read Learnist? As Digital Marketing Ramblings stated in 2013, Learnist had over a million signups. That number has grown to 10 million, as cited in Society Media & Marketing Daily on 2/27/14.

And who are these 10 million users and contributors to Learnist? In spite of the lack of statistical demographic data for Learnist online, an assessment about the target audience can be made first by analyzing the content types featured on the Learnist site.

As stated in previous blogs, Learnist carries a lot of generalist subject matter. However, the content – especially the instructional content – is, as a rule, highly engaging, easy to follow, and memorable for that reason. Because the content is engaging, it will probably keep an audience of ‘amblers’ coming back for more. Tania Sheko explains this beautifully in her WordPress article on Learnist.

Learnist is by no means a household name. People continue to stumble upon the site, oftentimes when they were looking for something else (which is what Ms. Sheko says she and others do within the Learnist site).

So, this audience includes innovators and early adopters. They are students or recently graduated from college, interested in knowledge for its own sake. They are also professionals in the arts and business entreprenuer communities who’ve been referred to the site by friends or colleagues. They are willing to pay the $.99 for PREMIUM articles featured on Learnist by celebrities such as Olivia Wilde and Gus Van Sant. Click here for the 2/27/14 Adweek article about the celebrity deal.

Marketers with new technology products and services can use Learnist as window into the social world of innovators, early adopters, and front edge of the early majority group. Products interesting in and of themselves stand a good chance of getting talked about on this channel, given the interest level displayed by site visitors, bloggers and article authors.


Farb Nivi, from his LinkedIn account.

More on Learnist in the next post. As cited in this 2013 Gigaom article, Farb Nivi stated that “We want to be the Instagram of knowledge-sharing… like a smart RSS.”

See for yourself if Learnist is like an “Instagram of knowledge.”


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